The Definitely Maybe  is excited to introduce the new Meyba range. Meyba, rooted in the vibrant city of Barcelona, was founded in the 1940s by two pioneers, José Mestre and Joaquín Ballbé, collectively known as 'Me-y-Ba.' Their shared vision was to craft timeless swim- and sportswear, giving rise to the iconic brand Meyba. Initially celebrated for providing stylish shorts, T-shirts, and shoes to the sun-drenched beaches of Barceloneta, Meyba's journey reached international acclaim in 1981.

The turning point came when Meyba secured a landmark deal with Fútbol Club Barcelona, becoming the official royal supplier to the team. Over the course of a remarkable decade, FC Barcelona, adorned in Meyba gear, achieved unparalleled success, clinching a multitude of prizes and honors. With legendary players like Laudrup, Koeman, Bakero, and the emerging Pep Guardiola, this era of the team is forever etched in history as the 'Dream Team V1.' Now, The Definitely Maybe is proud to present the latest Meyba collection, carrying the legacy of style and success.