Ocean Colour Scene - The Band

Ocean Colour Scene - The Band

Ocean Colour Scene - The Band

Ocean Colour Scene (OCS), often abbreviated as OCS, is an English rock band that originated in Birmingham in 1989. Over the years, they have achieved significant success with five top 10 albums, including a chart-topping album in 1997, and seventeen top 40 singles, with six reaching the top 10.


Early Days (1990–1995):Ocean Colour Scene was formed following the disbandment of two earlier groups, The Boys and Fanatics. After signing to Phfftt Records in 1990, their debut single "Sway" was released during the indie era. However, their eponymous debut album faced challenges when their record label was acquired by Phonogram, leading to a remix against the band's wishes. Despite struggles, a turning point occurred in 1993 when they toured with Paul Weller, gaining exposure and opportunities.

Britpop Fame (1995–2000):Ocean Colour Scene's fortunes changed in 1995 when they toured with Oasis, subsequently signing with MCA Records. The Britpop scene propelled their second album, "Moseley Shoals," to No. 2 on the UK Albums Chart in 1996. The follow-up, "Marchin' Already," claimed the top spot in 1997, displacing Oasis' "Be Here Now." They continued their success with "One from the Modern" in 1999 and a Greatest Hits album, "Songs for the Front Row," in 2001.

Post-Britpop (2001–2008):Despite lineup changes and splitting with bassist Damon Minchella, Ocean Colour Scene released albums regularly, including "Mechanical Wonder" (2001), "North Atlantic Drift" (2003), "A Hyperactive Workout for the Flying Squad" (2005), and "On the Leyline" (2007). They also ventured into live recordings with albums like "Live: One for the Road" (2004) and "Live at the Jam House" (2006).

Recent Years (2009–Present):In 2009, the band collaborated with producer Gavin Monaghan to create a new album, "Saturday," released in 2010. Subsequent releases included the 4-CD box set "21" (2010) and the 15th-anniversary special edition of "Moseley Shoals" (2011). They continued with albums like "Painting" (2013) and special editions, marking milestones such as their 25th anniversary in 2015 and the 20th anniversary of "Moseley Shoals" in 2016.

Recent highlights include the addition of bassist Raymond Meade in 2016, the release of a four-track EP in 2018, and the unveiling of a career-spanning box set entitled "Yesterday, Today 1992–2018" in 2023.

Ocean Colour Scene's enduring presence in the music scene reflects their resilience and ability to adapt, contributing to their legacy as a respected rock band.

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