KYLE FALCONER - The View - Acoustic and Q & A

KYLE FALCONER - The View - Acoustic and Q & A

KYLE FALCONER - The View - Acoustic and Q & A

Kyle Falconer's journey from the Ritz to the rubble and back again has been nothing short of remarkable, spanning 36 illustrious years on this earth.

Signing his inaugural record deal in 2005 under the guidance of James Endicott, Kyle has since spearheaded six breath taking studio albums as the lead singer and chief songwriter of his band, 'The View.' Additionally, he's crafted two critically acclaimed solo albums, 'No, Thank You' and 'No Love Songs for Laura.'

Through the ups and downs, Kyle's life has been scrutinized under a microscope, with his 'bad choices' often making headlines. However, finding solace in his soulmate Laura and embracing fatherhood with their three beautiful children, Kyle has turned a corner in both his personal and professional life.

In a bold move two years ago, Kyle and his long time friend and collaborator, powerhouse Scottish promoter Michael Ward, invested time, effort, and resources to establish 'La Sierra Casa' in Alicante, Spain. This song writing retreat has become a haven for esteemed artists like John McClure, Callum Beattie, and Martin Glover, as well as nurturing emerging talents.

As part of Record Store Week, Kyle embarks on an intimate venue tour, celebrating the 'Good Choices' he has made and continues to make. Live conversations with fans will provide insights into Kyle's thoughts and wit, while meet-and-greet sessions offer a chance to get up close with this iconic British rock 'n' roll figure. Each event culminates in a classic acoustic set, showcasing Kyle's extensive repertoire and cementing his legacy as a true rock 'n' roll icon.

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