BEN LEE - Grandpaw World - Vinyl


BEN LEE - Grandpaw World - Vinyl

Ben Lee, the Australian prodigy of the '90s, showcased his song writing prowess in his early teens with his debut LP, "Grandpaw Would." Despite his youth, Lee's ability to craft engaging and heartfelt songs was already apparent. The album, featuring 18 tracks, often strips down to the bare essentials, with Lee accompanied only by his guitar.

The simplicity of the arrangements highlights Lee's penchant for pure, gooey pop, coupled with trademark lyrics that are both simple and engaging. Collaborations with artists like Liz Phair and Rebecca Gates, along with the backing of Grand Royal for a high-profile release, reinforced the belief in Lee's talents. The record, marked by its tales of childish infatuation and normal fears, resonates with authenticity. Playful and upbeat tracks like "Ductile" and "My Guitar" add a layer of youthful exuberance, portraying Lee as a typical teenager with a remarkable gift for song writing.

"Grandpaw Would" captures a sense of innocence that distinguishes it from Lee's later albums. It emanates a charm that stems from its "boy and his guitar" simplicity. This early work, while a departure from the sound of Noise Addict, another project of Lee's from the same period, endears itself with a genuine quality that laid the foundation for his subsequent solo career.



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